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EREKICHI is a new brand of inverter generators and other portable power supplies designed for use in outdoor activities, DIY, on-site work, disasters, and various other situations.
Utilizing our accumulated know-how in generator sales, our cost-effective generators can be used by both beginners and professionals with confidence.



The inverter allows for the same level of electricity as a household outlet.

It is switchable between 50Hz and 60Hz, so it can be used anywhere in all countries.

By turning on the eco mode, fuel consumption can be reduced according to the amount of electricity used. (at 25% or less of output).

Equipped with a multi-meter, various information such as the current output number and estimated remaining operation time can be seen at a glance.

Anyone can easily start the generator with the push of a button.

AC overload protection
Oil sensor (engine seizure protection)
AC protection breaker (only for some models)

Two generators can be connected for use with appliances that require more power. Generators can be connected

Two generators can be connected to allow the use of electrical equipment up to 200V.









It is recommended not only for professional use, but also for first-time users due to its lighter weight and more compact size than conventional products. It can be used in various situations such as events, outdoor activities, and disaster prevention.


Our dedicated in-house staff performs maintenance and repairs. We provide after-sales service that satisfies our customers with the experience and high technology of our dedicated staff, who are experienced in a variety of industries.
We also inspect and repair products other than our own.




45 years of industry service

​Meister Moriyama


36 years of industry service

Meister Shimizu


​When we receive a repair request from a customer, we will call the customer to confirm the usage conditions, etc., in order to guess the cause and nature of the malfunction.

After receiving the repaired product, we will contact the customer with information on the repair fee and confirm whether the repair will be performed before repairing the product.

The repair will be completed and shipped to the customer within 6 business days.

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​■ Download Product Literature

Click here to download the document.

※Please note that the design and specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice.

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